GearFX attended the Mitty HSR Vintage Racing event at Road Atlanta this past weekend. There were cars from all make’s and eras. If you have not had time to attend an HSR or SVRA event, you really should as there is something for everyone at these races. Everything from prewar cars to modern racecars that are only a couple of years out of actual racing competition. Most of these cars are impeccably restored, but don’t let that fool you, the owners drive them to the limit.

GearFX currently services several of the HSR Class 8 NASCAR racers with transmissions and reargear work. We can service any manual transmission or rearend assembly. Our rebuild procedures consist of disassembly, clean, Magnaflux crack check, hand inspection and deburr of new components and professional reassembly. Add REM Isotopic Surface Finishing to any of these components to increase durability and performance. Full List of GearFX Services

View the full event gallery below: