Ridetech, a leading manufacturer of high-performance suspension systems, and GearFX Driveline, the industry’s premier provider of gears and driveline components, have announced a new relationship allowing Ridetech consumers to purchase select GearFX rear gear and rear end housings directly through Ridetech.

Ridetech’s product offering will now include GearFX’s most popular N-Series Ford 9” Rear Gear. Also, GearFX will now manufacture Ford 9” Rear End Housings with Ridetech suspension brackets to be sold as part of the Ridetech 4-Link rear suspension kit. In addition to product availability, the Ridetech autocross and road racing teams have upgraded their two Camaros to run GearFX rear gears and rear end housings.

“The GearFX rear ends looks like a piece of jewelry, and are strong, reliable, and quiet,” said Bret Voelkel, Director of Innovation with Ridetech/Fox Powered Vehicles Group. “It’s everything our customers want!”

GearFX rear end housings are available through Ridetech for these three GM models:

  • 1967-1969 1st Gen Camaro
  • 1970-1981 2nd Gen Camaro
  • 1968-1972 GM A-Body

“Pairing GearFX gears and rear end housings with Ridetech suspension components is the perfect combination,” concluded Jeff “Fuzzy” Horton, General Manager of GearFX Driveline. “We are excited to continue developing this relationship and providing the street performance industry with the best rear gear and rear end housing products.”

Rear End Housing

Ridetech/Voelkel Motorsports
Chris “Smitty” Smith

N-Series Rear Gear

Download the full press release and high-resolution images here.