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Can I rent race gears from GearFX?
Yes, we rent out Ford 9″ race gears.
Can I still rent a CR1V2 transmission?

Yes we will continue to rent the CR1V2 race transmissions with many options and gear ratios.

What types of products can you REM polish?
We offer a wide variety of REM Isotopic finish services for ferrous metal parts. From mining equipment parts to engine crankshafts, camshafts and valve train components, we service a wide range of applications for a variety of industries.
What service parts do you have?
We stock many service parts for Ford 9″, Quick change rearends, C&R 4spd Transmissions, Rankin 4spd Transmissions and T-10.
I'm a hardcore racer. What do you have for me?
We offer lightweight XTrac ring and pinions for the serious competitor. There are several ways to reduce rotating weight, increased durability and efficiencies. We can guide your product choices based on championship race winning knowledge.
How long does it take to repair or calibrate my scales?
We do stock most repair parts, so typically, we can turn your product in 3 business days. However, if we have to order in something, it could add to the turn time. We are racers too, so we understand that you need to get back to the track as soon as possible. We will do what we can to make schedule arrangements that help.
Can GearFX calibrate other scale brands?

 No. We do not have the codes to calibrate other brands of scales. However, what we can do is put our calibrated weights on your scales and tell you how far off they are.

Can you help me identify what Spal Fan I have?
Yes. We have extensive data sheets on Spal’s product line.  There is typically a tag on the outer fan ring with a VA number that can help us to identify which one you have.
Are Spal Fans reversible?
No. All Spal Fan motors turn the same direction.  The difference between a PULL and a PUSH fan of the same size is the fan blade direction.  Reversing the voltage polarity will turn the fan the opposite direction, but at a much slower RPM and CFM. This is not good for the motor either.
Do you rebuild Dynotech Driveshafts in house?
No. Dynotech are the experts and use high speed balancing when evaluating or rebuilding a high performance driveshaft. We send all Dynotech Driveshafts to Dynotech for the right service.
How long does it take to have my driveshaft rebuilt?
It is usually a 10 business day turnaround.

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