Ford 9″ Housing Center & Tubes


Ford 9" Housing Center & Tubes - Extreme Duty / Round Back

Rear End Measurement Form
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GearFX's Ford 9 inch Housing Center & Tubes is the perfect starting point for your ultimate rear housing build. All GearFX housings are Tig Welded. We use an extreme duty round back center, .250" wall, with centerless ground 3.00" x .219" wall steel tubes. The center mounting flange is machined to .395" thick to help prevent sealing surface deformation. The centerless ground tubes provide a precision fit to brackets being added. This also provides a cleaner and stronger weld.
  • Extreme Duty / Round Back Center ( .250" wall) with studs installed.
  • 3.00" x .219" Centerless Ground Steel Tubes.
  • 57" Housing Tip to Tip Width.
  • Drain and Fill ports available.
  • Studs included.
  • Housing Center is DA sanded to provide blemish free surface for powder coating or painting.