Ford SVO 9 Inch Nodular Iron Case 3.250″ Bearing


Ford Racing 9 Inch M4141 Big Bearing (3.250″) Nodular Iron case

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GearFX has brought back the original Ford SVO 9 Inch Big Bearing (3.250″) Nodular Iron case. These cases were the mainstay in NASCAR Racing for years. Our run of cases are from the original Ford molds, cast in the same foundry and machined to the original exact standards by the same company as they were back in the day. We believe this is a superior nodular iron case for high performance aftermarket and racing. These cases are machined from D-4512 nodular iron which is 8% stronger that the nodular iron used in the OEM cases.

  • Bearing size: 3.250″
  • Chrome-moly bearing caps retained by socket head cap screws that exceed aircraft grade 8 specifications
  • Spot faced stud holes prevent lubricant leaks and damaged mounting surfaces.
  • Steel adjuster nuts.
  • Ribs were carefully designed to further enhance rigidity.
  • All bolt holes are deep tapped and cast with additional material surrounding the OD of the holes.
  • The pinion pilot bearing has been reinforced with superior D-4512 nodular and additional material.
  • Bearing bores and reinforcing ribs are all cast with additional material in critical areas