Ford 9 Inch Ring and Pinion 3.89 – US Gear Stealth Series


Ford 9 Inch Ring and Pinion 3.89 – US Gear Stealth Series

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GearFX only uses the highest quality components in our builds.  US Gear is one of the top brands in the United States, made in the USA.  We offer this ring and pinion in many different ratios.

The new Ford 9″ STEALTH® Series gears utilize the most advanced gear cutting technology, known as face hobbing. It’s a different gear cutting method that creates a continuous and more consistent cut on all teeth of the ring and pinion at the same time. The heel and toe of each gear tooth are now the same height, which helps create a consistent pattern and improves the tooth to tooth contact.

REM Isotropic Surface Finishing and Dyno Services available upon request.  GearFX Driveline is proud to be an Authorized REM Facility. Since 2007, our expertly-trained staff have utilized state-of-the-art REM equipment to deliver the industries best polishing services.  In addition, the Dyno Service will increase performance, durability and trouble-free operation.


  • Material  8620 – Standard OE Material
  • Ring Gear Diameter  9.0″
  • Ring Gear Bolts  10 – 7/16″x20 RH
  • Pinion Shaft Diameter  1.312″
  • Spline  28
  • Ratio  3.89
  • Tooth Count  9-35

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 6 in