Intercomp Digital Air Gauge


Digital Air Gauge 100 X 0.1 PSI. Fill, Bleed & Read w/ Case


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Intercomp’s “Fill, Bleed, and Read” Air Gauges attach directly to your air or nitrogen hose and have transformed a tedious process into one smooth and easy operation. Standard features include a high quality, digital pressure gauge with rubber protective cover, a 22″ Hose with a high quality swivel nozzle, and an industrial-grade bleeder valve. The air chuck never leaves the valve stem.

0 to 150 PSI (0 to 10 BAR)
Readout in 0.1 Increments
Delivers Unsurpassed Accuracy via the Digital Gauge
Displays in PSI, BAR & kg/cm²
Standard 9-Volt Battery Operation
Includes Case