NEO KEEP COOL Water Conditioner 8oz


KEEP COOL Water Conditioner 8oz



NEO’s Keep Cool unique formula provides better heat transfer, prevents rust, corrosion and mineral deposits in your engine’s cooling system especially with aluminum. Recommended by leading racing radiator companies and engine builders as a great additive.

  • Safe for all racing surfaces.  Completely safe and easy to use, nontoxic, and passes all safety tests.  Non-injurious to all metals, paints, clothing or human skin.
  • The finest water pump lubricant; no gummy residue to clog thermostats; will not gel; cleans while you drive.  Gently extends water hose life.
  • Not affected by permanent or 4oz. regular type antifreeze solutions or by silicate drop-out in new type antifreeze.
  • Water pump lubricant; eliminates rust; eliminates mineral deposits; provides better heat transfer; extends life in aluminum radiators