Portable Engine Heater 61-00003


Portable Engine Heater 61-00003

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GearFX is the exclusive builder and distributor of the C&R Portable Engine Heater.

The C&R Portable Engine Heater is the ideal solution when it
comes to your engine pre-heating requirements. Its 12-volt
design is entirely independent to an external power source,
providing up to 7 hours of continuous operation on a full charge.
This portable unit utilizes a self-contained, diesel-fired heater
to gradually heat water to a temperature of approximately 200
degrees F and maintains this temperature until switched off
and disconnected. Turn the unit on or off manually, or program
it to turn on at a desired time so your racecar is at the optimal
water temperature when you arrive to the track.


• Increased battery capacity
• Self-contained power
• One of the fastest engine heaters on the market
• Compact size allows for easy storage
• Helps to remove air from your cooling system


• Electrical – self-contained 12v battery
• Charge battery with maximum 5 AMP charger
• Up to 7 hours of continuous operation
• Fuel – operates on diesel or kerosene only – Kerosene is preferred due to cleaner burn. DO NOT USE Hardware store KEROSENE SUBSTITUTE.
• Fuel consumption: 0.16 gal/hr (high)/ 0.8 gal/hr (low)
• Tank capacity: 0.5 gal
• Water Tank capacity: 1.0 gal