Xtra Light NASCAR 1350 Slip Yoke


Xtra Light NASCAR 1350 Slip Yoke

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Weighing only 2.35 lbs. vs. 3.30 lbs for our standard yoke, GearFX’s XL NASCAR 1350 Forged Slip Yoke is currently used by the top NASCAR Championship winning teams. We teamed up with Dynotech Driveshafts and a top military engineering firm to take our existing 1350 yoke and reduce the weight as much as possible while maintaining a known strength threshold. Through our time supplying NASCAR teams driveline components, we knew that the threshold needed to be 5000 ft lbs of torque. The military design firm took that requirement and through FEA analysis came up with this design. We then made a batch of prototypes and began testing. The test units surpassed the 5000 mark as the tooling would give up first. Track testing by several CUP teams verified the strength and this product is now being raced on a weekly basis.

This is a perfect yoke for any lightweight racing or street application. Only available in a 1350 size.

Precisely machined for exact spline fit to the transmissions tailshaft and minimal u-joint runout.

  • 4140 Steel Forging
  • 32 Spline
  • Barrel Diameter = 1.8860″   +/- .0005″
  • REM Isotopic Surface Finshed barrel for reduced friction and heat.
  • GearFX coated barrel for oil retention.