REM Isotropic
Surface Finishing

REM’S ISF® (Isotropic Superfinish) Process 

GearFX Driveline is proud to be an Authorized REM Facility. Since 2007, our expertly-trained staff have utilized state-of-the-art REM equipment to deliver the industries best polishing services.

The REM’S ISF® Process is a cost-effective alternative to an engineered machined surface in many applications where surface finish, increased wear, and friction reduction are important considerations. The REM’S ISF Process is an isotropic surface finishing process that produces a non-linear, low Ra finish that improves wear properties and reduces friction. It is a chemical mechanical process that sequentially removes the “peaks” of a ground, cut or honed finish while leaving the “valleys” unaffected. The end result is a dramatically improved surface finish with little dimensional change of the part.

More Services

Rear Gear Rebuilding

  • Ford 8.8″ & 9″
  • GM 10 & 12 bolt
  • Quick Change
  • Dana
  • REM Isotopic Surface Finishing

Rearend Housings

  • New Builds
  • Narrowing
  • Modifications & Repairs
  • Alignment of Floater and Quick Change Housings

Ford 9″ Dyno

  • Break-in
  • Measured Readings include:
    • Temperature / Sound / Rolling Torque

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