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HS - Series

Racing / Pro-Touring Ford Racing 9 Inch Gear. Light Weight Ford Racing investment cast case. 90-100XX

N - Series "Our Most Popular Build!"

Racing / Pro-Touring Ford SVO 9 Inch Gear Genuine Ford SVO Nodular Iron “N” case. 90-200XX

S - Series

High Performance Ford 9 Inch Gear “S” case. Strange Engineering radial rib case. 90-300XX

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Rear Gear components

GearFX offers all our Championship winning Rear Gear components for purchase.

Ring and Pinions

GearFX carries top quality ring and pinions from top brands in the industry.

Housings and Components

GearFX has what you need for your next Rearend Housing project. Choose from a variety of top quality Housing Components.


Keep things running smoothly, and protect your high-performance parts with these high-performance fluids.

Manual Transmissions

All customer transmissions sent in for rebuild are put through the same process as our championship, race-winning products.

Driveshafts and Components

GearFX is the exclusive Dynotech Driveshaft supplier to NASCAR teams. We can supply you with a custom driveshaft for your project.

Intercomp Scales

The worlds largest manufacturer of portable weighing and measuring products. We firmly believe that the Intercomp product is the best on the market.

Spal Fans

SPAL fans are the choice of championship winning race teams across the globe. When performance matters, there is no better fan choice than SPAL.

C&R Racing Engine Heater

The #1 self-contained portable engine heater on the market. Maintain your engine at optimum operating temperature helps save critical engine components.

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