Ford 9 Inch Internal Oil Pump Option


GearFX Ford 9 Inch Internal Oil Pump Option
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The GearFX Ford 9 Inch Internal Oil Pump Option is great for those autocross and track day cars that are pushing the rear gear to it's limits. Installation requires case to be machined and a -8AN return fitting to be welded to the back side of your housing to direct cooled oil to the ring and pinion. The GearFX internal rear gear oil pump features an easily adjustable PRV (pressure relief valve) making this pump highly efficient in all situations. By changing the PRV spring you can adjust the flow to meet your specific needs. Whether that is restrictor plate races, short tracks or road courses; you don’t need to give up pump performance.The pump also has replaceable wear plates each side of the pump gears. There is no need to discard the pump due to ingesting debris. GearFX partnered with Sid Waterman of Waterman Pumps for the gear rotor design to create the best possible product. Waterman Pump’s reputation speaks for itself.